Top 4 Lightweight Airstream Travel Trailers

4 Easy to Tow Airstreams

Airstream travel trailers are famous for their ease of towing due to the aerodynamics and lower center of gravity. But if towing a larger trailer is intimidating for you, Airstream offers a variety of smaller models that can easily be towed with a mid-size truck or SUV. Below are a few of models that are lightweight, maneuverable, and easily towable.

Airstream Design

One of the biggest things that makes Airstream travel trailers tow better than other brands is the overall approach to design. Most travel trailer manufacturers build above the wheels, Airstream builds their trailers between the wheels. This design lowers the center of gravity and makes the trailer much more stable.

The shape of the Airstream also plays a big part in the stability of the trailer. The aerodynamic, low-profile shape naturally delivers low wind resistance and gives your tow vehicle’s better fuel efficiency compared to other travel trailers. Side winds from passing traffic are reduced as well, with sway almost unnoticeable even in heavy winds. It’s a design like no other RV on the market, and one that will turn heads everywhere you go.

Airstream Basecamp

The Airstream Basecamp is the perfect travel trailer for any outdoor enthusiast and can be towed with a variety of mid-size trucks or SUVs. With an exterior length of just over 16 feet, the Basecamp is very light and maneuverable. The Basecamp features a large rear hatch door and convertible table area that creates plenty of room for your gear such as bikes or snowboards.

The optional Basecamp X package allows you to take your adventures on the roads less traveled. The package includes off-road tires & wheels, 3 Inch Lift, Stainless Steel Wrap Protectors/Rock Guards, and Solar Window Stone Guards.

Airstream Bambi

For years the name Bambi has been a nickname for the smallest single-axle Airstream trailers, but for 2020 the Bambi is its own official family of travel trailers. Available in 4 lengths (16′, 19′, 20′, 22′) most Bambi models are light enough to tow with an SUV, easy to maneuver, and can easily to fit into smaller campgrounds. Every floorplan has a dedicated sleeping space, convertible dinette, a kitchen with all the essentials, and an on-board restroom. The Bambi is perfect for any adventure big or small.

Airstream Caravel

The Airstream Caravel was first introduced in 1956 as a lightweight, nimble travel trailer. For 2020 the Caravel is back in the Airstream lineup and better than ever before. Like the Bambi, the Caravel is available in 4 floorplans, a 16RB, 19CB, 20FB, and 22FB. The Caravel features an upscale modern interior, ducted climate control system, Ultraleather® Seating, and much more. The Caravel is proof that big adventures can come in a small package.

Airstream Nest

The Airstream Nest brings a new twist on the iconic silver-bullet travel trailers. Designed to be different, the Nest is built with a sleek and durable fiberglass body compared to the traditional aluminum and rivets Airstreams are known for. A colorful and airy interior décor brings in the beauty of the great outdoors as light pours in the large windows, and the small size and maneuverability make the Nest perfect for a peaceful weekend getaway.

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