Bike Racks For Airstream Travel Trailers & Motorhomes
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By Fiamma

Airstream Bike Rack by Fiamma

Airstream has teamed up with Fiamma to co-develop a unique bike carrier specifically customized to satisfy the exacting demands of the Airstream travel trailer owner. Fiamma is a leading manufacturer of RV accessories with global sales and a worldwide reputation for premium quality products and service.

Bicycles have always been a part of the Airstream lifestyle. Since famed cyclist Alfred LeTourneur towed one with his racing bike for the famous 1948 marketing photo, bicycles have been featured in vintage caravan photos throughout the decades, and a casual stroll at any rally will reveal bicycles of all types and uses — from sleek custom built road bikes, to vintage balloon-tired cruisers. Whether it’s a quick trip to the store, or a 30-mile ride exploring the countryside, bicycles make any Airstream trip even better. What isn’t always noticeable is how these bikes got to the rally.

Serious and casual cyclists alike, your prayers have been answered. Say goodbye to hoisting bikes onto the roof rack of your tow vehicle (taking off another mile or so per gallon of fuel), loading greasy, muddy bicycles inside the rig (risking damage to the upholstery or bike). The official Airstream bike rack is here.

The new rack, configured especially for selected trailers, was designed exclusively for Airstream by Fiamma, a noted provider of trailer awnings and accessories. The sleek tray-mount design makes it possible for anyone to quickly access their bicycles, and to secure them whether on the road or away from the campsite. Portions of the rack must be attached (some drilling required), but the rack is easily removable and won’t block the trailer rear compartment. It accommodates two average adult bicycles (with a maximum capacity of 77 pounds).

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