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Limited Warranty


1. Engine All Internally Lubricated Parts, Including: and Camshaft and Bearings; Connecting Rods and Bearings; Crankshaft and Main Bearings; Cylinder Heads; Engine Mounts; Fly Wheel; Harmonic Balancer; Hydraulic and Solid Lifters; Intake and Exhaust Manifold; Intake and Exhaust Valves; Metal Valve Covers; Oil Pan; Oil Pump and Oil Pump Housing; Pistons; Piston Rings; Push Rods; Rocker Arms; Rocker Arm Shafts; Tensioners/Guides; Timing Chain or Belt; Timing Gears; Timing Gear Cover; Vacuum Pump; Valve Guides; Valve Springs; Water Pump; and Engine Block*.

2. Diesel Engine (If Equipped) Engine: All covered engine parts shown under “Engine” component plus Fuel Injectors (Except For Contamination); Fuel Heater; and Fuel Injection Pump. Turbocharger: All Internally Lubricated Parts contained within the Turbocharger Housing; Intercooler; Waste Gate; and Turbocharger Housing*.

3. Transmission All Internal Parts; Mounts; Cooler and Metal Cooler Lines; Torque Converter; Filler Tube and Dipstick; Torque Pans and Cases*; Transmission Park Brake Assembly; and Vacuum Modulator.

4. Air Conditioning Accumulator; Blower Motor; Clutch; Clutch Coils; Clutch Pulley; Compressor; Condenser; Ducts; Evaporator; High/Low Cut Off Switches; Idler Pulley and Bearing; Orifice Tube; PC Boards; Pressure Cycling Switch; Receiver-Dryer; and Temperature Control Programmer.

5. Brakes Backing Plate; Clips, Springs and Retainers; Combination Valves; Disc Calipers; Drums; Hydraulic Control Unit; Master Cylinder; Metal Lines and Fittings; Parking Brake Linkage and Cables (Excluding Transmission Mounted Parking Brake); Power Assist Booster; Power Brake Cylinder; Rear Actuators; Treadle Valve; Self-Adjusters; and Wheel Cylinders.

6. Chassis Frame (Metal Only)

7. Drive Axle Assembly (Front and Rear) All Internally Lubricated Parts Contained within the Differential Housing, Transaxle Housing, and Final Drive Housing; Axle Shafts; Constant Velocity Joints; Drive Shafts; Hub Bearings; Retainers; Supports; Universal Joints; Differential Housing*; Final Drive Housing*; and Transaxle Housing*.

8. Electrical Alternator; Back Up Alarm; Coils; Cruise Control Transducers, Electronic Engine Timing Control Unit and Sensors; Engagement Switch, and Servo; Dashboard Clock; Distributor; Dual Battery Paralleling Switch; Engine Wiring Harness; Front Wiper Motors; Gauges; Manually Operated Switches; Power Antenna Motors; Power Door Locks; Relays; Remote Control Mirror Motors; Seat Motors; Solenoids; Starter; Turn Signal Switch; Voltage Regulator; and Window Motors and Controls.

9. Electronics Electronic Anti-Detonation Sensors and Controller; Electronic Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and Relays; Electronic Ignition Module; Electronic Mixture Control Unit and Sensors; and Fuel Injection Sensors, Control Module and PC Board.

10. Fuel Delivery Auxiliary Tank Switch; Fuel Distributor; Fuel Injection Pump; Fuel Injectors (Except For Contamination); Fuel Pump; Fuel Tanks; and Metal Fuel Lines.

11. Heating/Cooling Bearings and Bushings; Coolant Recovery Unit; Electric Block Heater; Fan; Fan Clutch; Fan Motor and Controller Module; Fan Shroud; Heater Core; Heater Ducts; Radiator; and Water Pump.

12. Seals And Gaskets Seals and Gaskets for all covered components.

13. Steering All Internally Lubricated Parts of the Steering Gear Box; Control Valve and Cylinder; Cooler and Metal Cooler Lines; Drag Link; Idler Arm; Main and Intermediate Steering Column Shafts and Couplings; Pitman Arm; Power Cylinder; Power Steering Pump; Rack and Pinion Gear; Tie Rod and Tie Rod Ends; and Gear Housing*.

14. Suspension (Front and Rear) Coil and Leaf Springs; Compressor; Kingpin and Bushing; Lines and Bags; Rubber Suspension Systems; Shafts, and Bushings; Spindle and Spindle Supports; Stabilizer Shaft; Linkage and Bushings; Steering Knuckles; Strut Bar and Bushing; Torsion Bars; Upper and Lower Ball Joints; Upper and Lower Control Arms; and Wheel Bearings

15. Air Conditioning (Roof Mounted 110V or Central) Accumulator; Bathroom Vent Fan; Blower Motor; Fans; Capacitors; Compressor; Condenser; Control Panel; Electronic Module and PC Boards; Evaporator; Expansion Valve; Fans; Heat Pump; Heat Strips; Pressure Cycling Switch; Receiver-Dryer; Relays; Switches; and Thermostat.

16. Auxiliary Powerplant/Generator Factory-Installed or Factory Approved Dealer-Installed: All Internally Lubricated Parts of the Powerplant Engine; Cylinder Head; Gauges; Hydraulic Door; Interior Monitor/Control Panel; Inverter; PC Boards; Power Converter; Cylinder Block*; and Generator Assembly*.

17. Fresh Water System Compressor; Connections and Faucets; Fittings; Traps; Water Lines; Water Pump; and Water Tank.

18. Heating System Blower Motor; Burner Assembly; Connections; Fittings; Furnace Ignitor; Gas Valve; Heat Pump; Heat Strips; Reversing Valves; Thermocoupler; Thermostat; and PC Board.

19. LP Gas/Propane System Automatic Shut-Off System; Fittings; Gas Lines Valves; Gauges; Mounting Brackets; Pigtails; and Regulators.

20. Power Step Coverage Interior Monitor/Control Panel; Power Step Control Module; and Power Step Motor.

21. Range And Microwave Burner Assembly; Burner Valves; Connections; Convection Oven; Fittings; Ignition Assembly and PC Board; Microwave Oven; Power Hood; Thermocoupler; and Thermostat.

22. Refrigerator (All Electric) 2- or 3-Way Cooling Unit; Burner Assembly; Control Panel; Ignitor; Connections; Fittings; PC Board; Thermocoupler; and Thermostat.

23. Waste System Fittings and Connections; Gate Valves; Holding Tanks; Shower; Sink(s); and Toilet.

24. Water Heater Burner Assembly Tank; Connections; Electronic Ignition Assembly; Fittings; Gas Valve; Heating Elements; Switches and PC Board; Thermocoupler; Thermostat; and Wiring Harness. • *If damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. • Fluids, lubricants, and freon will be covered only when required in conjunction with a covered rep