Bambi vs. Caravel – A Comparison

Bambi or Caravel? Take a look at a side-by-side comparison of features to help you identify the right single axle travel trailer to suit your lifestyle. This year, Airstream introduced two new lines of single-axle travel trailers. With Bambi and Caravel, you now can choose between four different trailer lengths in an easy-to-tow form: Lightweight, [...] Read more


Winter Destinations to Escape the Cold

Winter Destinations to Escape the Cold Just because the cold weather is here doesn’t mean the camping season is over. The beauty of owning an Airstream is it’s your home on wheels, allowing you to travel anywhere you please. If you are looking for a place to escape the cold weather, check out some of [...] Read more


Airstream Weight Distribution Hitch Systems

Airstream Weight Distribution Hitch Systems What is a weight distribution with sway control hitch system? A weight distribution hitch with sway control is designed to make towing your travel trailer safer and more stable. The weight distribution system is designed to move the weight from the trailer’s tongue to the front wheels of the tow [...] Read more


RV Surge Protectors: Why Not To Always Trust Campground Power

RV Surge Protectors Don't always trust campground power. In fact, you might be amazed at how often the electrical service at campgrounds is poor, if not even dangerous. Most often the problem is low voltage, where the normal 120 volt or 240 volt service sags because many campers are using their air conditioners simultaneously. The [...] Read more


Nest Vs. Basecamp: Which Is Best For You?

Nest Vs. Basecamp Looking for a compact, lightweight travel trailer that is easily towable with a mid-size SUV? The Airstream Nest and Basecamp are two great options. Packed with lots of great amenities, the Nest and Basecamp are perfect for a weekend getaway. Choosing between the Nest and Basecamp comes down to personal preference and [...] Read more


How to Winterize an Airstream Travel Trailer

If you didn’t already know, winterizing your unit is very important.  Caring for your plumbing, fixtures, and tanks ensure amazing camping trips for years to come.  Along with your year round tire care, making sure you winterize at the proper time and in the proper way can save spring time headaches. These headaches include having to [...] Read more