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Lithionics Battery® offers safe & compact battery solutions to support your mobile Recreational Vehicle energy needs, providing higher quality power delivery, weight savings, longer life span, and zero maintenance. 


– Lithionics Battery IonGen Solid State Technology
– Generator Replacement
– All-Electric Air Conditioning
– Residential Appliance Power
– Advanced 2nd Alternator Fast Charges At Idle + Underway
– Silent, Strong, Green, Maintenance Free!

Traditional Lead Batteries

Lead-acid batteries need to maintain at least a 50% charged level to deliver any power to your RV.

New Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries can be depleted up to 100% without damaging the batteries or diminishing the available power.

House Power

Lithionics Battery’s Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery system with NeverDie® Battery Management System technology will revolutionize your dry-camping experience. Cut down on generator run time and minimize charging time with an advanced Lithionics Battery® solution for your RV house power needs. Be sure to pair your lithium battery with approved inverter/charger and solar charge controller equipment to maximize your charge efficiency and battery life.

Bluetooth® Telemetry

Lithionics Battery® is now offering an optional Bluetooth® transmitter feature on our NeverDie® Battery Management System. Monitor battery voltage, state-of-charge, temperature, current, and status code remotely from your mobile device. Available for download on Google Play and Apple App Store.


Lithionics Battery® uses an organic Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate chemistry in all of our lithium battery models. This naturally safe chemistry is paired with an internal shut down curtain technology inside each lithium cell, preventing any flame or explosion from thermal runaway events. During use, the NeverDie® Battery Management System is continually monitoring each lithium cell every second to ensure the safest operation of your system. Lithionics Battery’s safety technology has been validated by third party accredited facilities such as Underwriter Laboratory for UL listing and MGA Research Corporation for UN DOT compliance. These agencies certify that our Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery systems with our NeverDie® Battery Management System technology remains safe even under extreme test conditions.

Generator Replacement

Complete generator replacement is now an option thanks to advancements in lithium battery and charging technology. Lithionics Battery’s Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate battery system with the NeverDie® Battery Management System can be used with popular dedicated alternator options and solar charge controllers. Lithium battery systems provide weight savings, higher energy density, and less maintenance cost over generator use and/or common lead acid battery options.

Solar Upgrade Recommendations

90 Watt Long
Roof Mount Panels

Perfect for Airstreams, our 90-Watt “L” Series Kit is specially designed for narrow or curved roofs. This kit’s unique mounting feet were created to accommodate curved roofs, while long, narrow panels make the most of available space. Expand this kit up to 510 watts.

90-Watt Long Expansion Kit Includes:

  • 30-Amp, 5-stage PWM charge controller
  • Pre-assembled wiring harness
  • 3-port roof cap (ready for future expansions!)
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and specialized feet for curved roofs

100-Watt Solar Panel Kit

Perfect for small to mid-sized projects or rigs, our OBSIDIAN® SERIES 100-Watt panel works with any type of 12-Volt battery. As thin as a flexible panel and 30% lighter than a traditional panel without compromising efficiency, this panel also features an ultra-aerodynamic profile and a sleek black anodized aluminum frame.

Kit Includes (ZSK1006):

  • One 100-watt solar panel

  • One 10-foot wire harness

  • One set of OBSIDIAN® SERIES universal mounting feet.

Panel Size: 43.6” tall x 20.7” wide x .67” thin
Panel Weight: 10.78 lbs

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