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Airstream Ultraleather

Head of its Class.

Ultraleather truly defines performance fabrics. 

There is a reason it sits comfortably atop the A-list industries.

The Benefits of Ultraleather for Airstream Travel Trailers

Forget everything you think you know about leather alternatives. Forget all the cons of yesterday’s vinyl-based products.

™ Represents a new era in leather-alternative luxury, delivering the supple softness, pliant drape, realistic graining and all temperature comfort vinyl-based products can’t match.
In test to determine heat retention using vinyl, leather and Ultraleather™ for seating applications it was determined that Ultraleather™ was 20% cooler than vinyl and 13% cooler than leather.

Airstream products now offer furniture with Ultra Leather. Ultra Leather synthetic leather fabric material has the luxurious look and feel of the finest European calfskin, with durability and resistance to soils and stains on vinyl fabrics. This soft fabric is a great alternative to genuine leather as it is also tougher than real calfskin and has superior resistance to punctures, snags and rips. Designed for permanence.

Being environmentally friendly is another great benefit of Ultra Leather. The fabric doesn’t contain any plasticizers, heavy metals or stabilizers making it 100 percent VOC free. Close to 99 percent of the chemicals used to create. Ultra Leather is also recycled by the manufacturer, Ultrafabrics, making it even more environmentally sound.

  • Ultra Leather stands apart from genuine leather when it comes to care and durability.
  • Ultra Leather allows you to have the same high quality, beautiful furniture in your RV as you do at home without the worry of spills and stains during travel.
  • Ultra Leather virtually duplicates the surface of genuine leather while maintaining a subtle grain pattern over time.
  • Ultra Leather surfaces are made with a polyurethane molecular structure that acts as a foam barrier providing additional cushioning to your upholstered seating. Although the fabric offers extra cushion and softness, it exceeds the industry standards in wear and tear. In fact, test results show that.
  • Ultra Leather exceeds heavy duty industry abrasion standards by more than 13 times
  • Ultra Leather cools 50 percent faster than genuine leather and 20 percent faster than vinyl. In addition, in extremely cold temperatures, the fabric won’t stiffen or crack either like genuine leather or vinyl.
  • For Airstream and its customers, Ultra leather™ delivers long-lasting, low maintenance elegance for seating applications. Its rugged performance makes it the perfect characteristics waterproof, stain-resistant fabric for the wall as well as upholstery coverings and cushions.

Ultra Fabrics Sustainability Statement

For over 20 years, Ultra fabrics have been committed to offering products that not only contribute positively to your current lifestyle but to your future lifestyle as well. The harmony between human and environmental interaction is the nature of our brand, which is why our PVC-free, low-VOC polyurethane products help ensure a sustainable presence indoors and outdoors – today and tomorrow.

Ultra fabrics utilized efficient manufacturing processes that are based on conservation of raw materials, toxic-free solutions, and minimal dependency on natural resources.

Ultrafabarics products are Greenguard® certified, and with influence from the numerous global markets we serve, our standards have been regimented to meet emissions and environmental criteria mandated by the U.S. EPA, USGBC, EU, and Canadian sustainable standards.

Check out our Eco-Scorecard below for a quick reference to your sustainable specification, and our website for LEED™ credits that contribute towards USGBC projects at


Comfort, Style, and Beauty with Endless Benefits

Ultraleather™ Advantages Airstream motor homes feature premium Ultraleather™ — the ultimate in soft, supple, quality furniture and seating coverings. Ultraleather outperforms leather and standard fabrics in comfort, cleaning ability and durability in addition to being kid and pet friendly. Best of all, Ultraleather™ is also Greenguard® Certified, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re contributing to healthier living environments through improved indoor air quality


Matte. Unrivaled. Organic.

Ultratech™ | Dwell is a fine example of form, function, and innovation combining to go beyond expectations. State-of-the-art texture and performance excite the senses, uniting to make a distinctive statement you must feel to believe. Surprisingly durable and easy to maintain, Dwell’s debossed geometric pattern is available in a fresh, balanced palette, bringing sensorial enhancement to any setting.


Durable, Luxurious, Antimicrobial Protection

Promessa® is naturally bonded with silver-based antimicrobial technology — giving it antimicrobial properties that are inherent to the fabric and that won’t wear off — ever. Promessa® is also Greenguard® Certified, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re contributing to healthier living environments through improved indoor air quality. And with its luxurious, innovative two-toned texture it makes for an attractive, versatile option for all your high-wear situations.


Breathable Comfort and Durability

Brisa® features the first polyurethane surface with a unique ventilation system that actually breathes. The result of this technological breakthrough is exceptional comfort that becomes a most welcome part of your life. Brisa® is also Greenguard® Certified, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re contributing to healthier living environments through improved indoor air quality.

Greenguard® Certified

  • No PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • No PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers)
  • No HFRs (Halogenated Flame Retardants)
  • No POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants)
  • Meets the most stringent VOC standards
  • Phthalate Free
  • No toxic by-products
  • Achieves LEED™ Credits
  • Over 99% of solvents recaptured and recycled
  • ISO 9001 Certified Mill
  • Mill uses Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a primary source of energy. This prevents air pollution that is caused by carbon monoxide/dioxide – known greenhouse gases that contribute to the potential for ‘Global Warming.’


The fabric can easily be cleaned with soap and water. For most soils and stains, the fabric manufacturer recommends spot treatment with a solution of water and Tide® brand laundry detergent or equivalent. More stubborn stains may be treated with a water-based multipurpose cleaner/degreaser such as Simple Green® or equivalent. Solvent cleaners such as nail polish remover or other aromatic solvents are not recommended.

  • Cleans effortlessly with soap and water.
  • Air Dry or dry quickly with warm setting of a hair dryer.
  • Lifts most stains with alcohol-based solutions like Fantastik®-Formula 409®
  • Disinfects with 5:1 bleach solution.

Service Tips

  • Spot clean with mild soap and water.
  • Air dry or, if desired, dry quickly using a hair dryer on warm setting – not hot.
  • For stubborn stains, use cleaner/degreaser.
stain chart