The team at Colonial Airstream knows what it takes to please a customer. We have all been one at some point in time, and we understand how people should be treated. We work hard to ensure each and every customer leaves our dealership with the most positive experience possible. This hard work and dedication is repaid in many ways — new friendships, “thank you” notes from customers, and top dealer awards, to name a few.

Colonial Airstream has received countless awards because of our commitment to ultimate customer satisfaction, as well as others earned for top sales performance. You can view a number of our accomplishments and awards listed below. We have compiled this timeline in an effort to give new and current customers alike a sense of who we are and where we came from. Since becoming an Airstream Dealership in 2002, we have received the #1 Airstream Dealership award for 12 years.

Colonial Airstream is proud to be a 39-Time recipient of the distinguished ‘Top Dealer’ Award. Airstream, the most recognized RV manufacturer in North America, announces its top U.S. dealer rankings based on retail units sold. Since becoming an Airstream Dealership in 2002, we have received the #1 Airstream Dealership award for 13 years.

“Airstream’s ‘Top Dealer’ winner – Colonial Airstream – is a family-owned dealership and was awarded top dealer for all products in a single location. Based in Millstone Township, NJ, Colonial has dedicated sales staff for Airstream that provides industry-leading sales support and exceptional service after a sale. The focus on Airstream is a major factor in their continued success with the product.” – Airstream Inc.

#1 USA RETAIL DEALER AWARD:  2019 Retail Dealer • 2019 Travel Trailers • 2019 Touring Coaches •2018 Retail Dealer • 2018 Travel Trailers • 2018 Touring Coaches • 2015 Retail Dealer • 2015 Touring Coaches • 2014 Retail Dealer • 2014 Travel Trailers • 2014 Touring Coaches • 2013 Retail Dealer • 2013 Touring Coaches • 2013 Travel Trailers • 2012 Retail Dealer • 2012 Touring Coaches • 2012 Travel Trailers • 2010 Retail Dealer • 2010 Travel Trailers • 2010 Motorhomes • 2009 Retail Dealer • 2009 Travel Trailers • 2009 Motorhomes • 2008 Retail Dealer • 2008 Motorhomes • 2008 Travel Trailers • 2007 Motorhomes • 2007 Travel Trailers • 2006 Retail Dealer • 2006 Motorhomes • 2005 Retail Dealer

TOP 5 RETAIL DEALER AWARD:  2004 Travel Trailers

TOP 10 RETAIL DEALER AWARD:  2018 Basecamp • 2017 Touring Coaches • 2017 Basecamp • 2016 Touring Coaches • 2017 Travel Trailers • 2015 Travel Trailers • 2006 Travel Trailers

TOP VOLUME DEALER MOTORHOMES AWARD:  2005 Retail Dealer • 2004 Retail Dealer


Airstream officially launched the new “Five Rivet” Dealer Standards Program in May of 2018. The program was developed with input from Airstream’s Dealer Council to ensure it met dealer expectations, but more importantly, provides a great experience for Airstream customers.

Airstream, the manufacturer of the iconic silver bullet travel trailer, announced the dealers who have recently earned the distinction of Five Rivet status. These dealers join the ten Airstream dealers who achieved this status in October. Airstream’s Five Rivet Dealer Standards Program requires dealers to meet minimum standards for both sales and service. Upon meeting those standards, dealers must then receive exceptional scores on customer service surveys.

Colonial Airstream has received RV Business Top 50 Dealer award. As determined by RV Business magazine and an independent panel of industry experts. The Top 50 is an annual list of dealerships that are unsurpassed in overall business operations, customer service, professionalism and all the characteristics that go along with them.