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Leveling and Stabilizing your Airstream

When setting up camp, having your Airstream level and stabilized is more important than you would think. An unlevel trailer not only can make for an uncomfortable stay but also can damage your appliances. Below are some tips to help set up your Airstream to keep it level and stable.


There are a few steps that need to be taken to get your trailer level. To start things off, try to find a campsite space or parking area with smooth even ground when possible. This will make the leveling process easier and take less time.


Before disconnecting the trailer from your tow vehicle you want to get your trailer level side-to-side. To check if the trailer is level you can use a bubble level on the floor inside of your trailer or a stick on level can be mounted to the front of the trailer.

After you have figured out which side is too low you will need to raise that side. This is done by driving your trailer up onto leveling blocks to raise one side of the trailer. While a piece of wood could be suffice, most prefer to use Tri-Lynx Levelling Blocks. The Tri-Lynx are made of strong plastic that can withstand tremendous weight, the interlocking design and lightweight also make for easy handling and storage.


After your trailer is level side-to-side it’s time to disconnect from your vehicle and level front-to-back. Leveling your trailer front-to-back is done by using the tongue jack on the front of the trailer. If you have an electric tongue jack simply press extend or retract buttons to raise or lower the front of the trailer. If your trailer uses a manual jack system you will need to crank clockwise, this will raise the front of your trailer. To lower the front of the trailer simply crank counter-clockwise.

Stabilizing Jacks

The Stabilizing Jacks on your trailer often get confused as leveling jacks. The Stabilizing Jacks are used to stabilize the trailer after it has been leveled and prevent rocking while moving around inside of the trailer. To stabilized the trailer, lower the jacks until there is snug pressure on the ground. Be careful to not lower so much that it starts lifting the trailer off of the ground. You are now ready to start camping!

The video below explains how to manually lower your Stabilizing Jacks if your trailer is not equipped with powered jacks.

We hope these simple tips can help you level and stabilize your trailer. If you have any questions or would like to purchase leveling blocks, contact our Parts Department at parts@colonialrv.com or call 1-800-265-9019.