How to Wash & Wax your Airstream

How to Wash & Wax your Airstream

With warmer weather quickly approaching its time get your Airstream ready for the road ahead. What better way to give it that new look than with a wash and wax. These steps below will help keep your Airstream trailer looking like new and keep it protected for years to come.


The first step is to wash the exterior of the trailer to remove any dirt and road debris. Many automotive products that are clear coat safe can be used, but we find the best way to wash your Airstream is to use just soap and water. It is recommended to use two buckets when washing to eliminate the risk of transferring dirt back onto the trailer and causing scratches. When scrubbing the surface you want to go front to back with the grain of the metal. This will avoid any small scratches in the clear coat from showing.

Cleaning the roof of your Airstream can be done in a few ways. You can stand on the roof or use a ladder with a brush on a pole to reach. Be careful to not hit the solar panels or any fragile objects. Below is a video of how to get onto the roof of your trailer without causing any damage.


Starting in 1965, all Airstreams have a clear coat called “Plasticoat” to protect the aluminum from oxidation. To extend the life of the clear coat, it is important to wax your trailer a few times per year. There are many products out there that can be used to on your trailer but the most popular among Airstreams is the Walbernize RV Super Seal Wax. The Walbernize formula is a combination of cleaning and polishing ingredients and is safe for all types of finishes. When applying any type of wax to your Airstream it is important to wipe with the metal grain of the trailer. Avoid using circular motions as this can cause swirl marks in the clear coat. The waxing process is very simple, below are instructions to complete the process.

*Note waxing will not create a mirror finish. A Mirrior finish is achieved by striping clear coat and polishing.

Step 1.

Shake well and pour the wax from the bottle into a spray bottle. This will make it easier to apply an even coat of wax to the trailer.

Step 2.

Lightly mist the wax on one section of the trailer. If you are concerned with overspray you can spray the wax onto a microfiber towel first.

Step 3.

Using a clean microfiber towel wipe with the grain of the metal. Turn the towel over and lightly wipe for a clean shine. Repeat for process for the rest of the trailer.

We hope these tips can help keep your Airstream looking like new and protect it for years to come. If you have any questions or would like to purchase cleaning products, please contact our Parts Department at parts@colonialrv.com or call 1-800-265-9019.