How To: Connect your Travel Trailer using an Equalizer Hitch System - Colonial Airstream
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Connect Travel Trailer with Equalizer Hitch System

The Equalizer weight distribution and sway control hitch is designed to keep your trailer and family safe on your travels. The sway control makes for safer, more comfortable towing, and the weight distribution provides better steering, braking, and vehicle control. Below we will show the steps to easily connect to your tow vehicle after the hitch is installed.

Step 1: Align tow vehicle

The first step is to align the hitch ball of your tow vehicle with the receiver of your trailer. Most new vehicles are equipped with a backup camera that makes the process easier. If you don’t have a rearview camera, having someone outside the vehicle to guide you will help.

Step 2: Secure Tongue Latch

After the ball is lined up, lower the hitch until the tongue of the trailer is resting on the ball. The ball should fit securely inside the rounded space at the end of the trailer. Close the coupler latch to secure the trailer, you can place the hitch lock through the coupler to ensure the trailer is fully connected.

Step 3: Connect Spring Bars

Next, you want to attach Spring Bars to the Equal-i-zer Hitch System. Find the end of the bar with the notch and slide it into the receiver end of the hitch. Insert the pins through the bar and secure them with the provided cotter pins.

Now that the bars are secured into the receiver end, they need to be attached to the trailer. Raise the hitch jack until the top of the bar is nearly flush with the L-shaped bracket. Using the provided tool, pry the bars onto the L-bracket and use the L-pins to secure the spring arms.

Step 4: Connect Breakaway Switch & Chains

After your trailer is secured to the tow vehicle it is time to connect the chains and breakaway switch. The Breakaway Switch is designed for the unlikely event that the trailer becomes disconnected while towing, the cable is released and the brakes are engaged. We prefer to use a carabiner-style switch for a quick and easy connection.

You can now connect the Safety chains of the trailer tongue to the tow vehicle. The chains are designed to maintain control of the trailer in the event of a ball or coupler failure. Cross the chains underneath the hitch and be sure they are not dragging on the ground.

Step 5: 7-Way Plug

The final step is to connect your trailer’s 7-Way Plug to your tow vehicle. The 7-way cable transmits the braking and turning signals to your trailer. Each time you hitch your tow vehicle you’ll need to plug in the 7-way plug and confirm that your travel trailer lights and brake lights are working properly.

The below video will explain the connection process. To disconnect the trailer, follow the above steps in reverse order.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Equalizer Hitch System, give us a call at 1-800-265-9019. You can also contact our Service Department for more information.