Airstream Seamless Composite Flooring

Airstream Seamless Composite Flooring

Airstream’s 2021 travel trailer line is now built with Transcore Composite Flooring, a proprietary composite formed from waterproof, inert recycled glass and polypropylene. Developed by Ridge Corporation, Transcore is a state-of-the art composite engineered for firmness under foot, strength, and screw retention. Ridge’s manufacturing process is second to none and produces a premium product making it a perfect fit for the Airstream travel trailer line.

*Not available on Airstream Basecamp Model

Why Composite?

The manufacturing process utilizes heat bonding instead of adhesives, which results in all the layers fusing together as one complete piece. The new Composite material has more waterproof qualities compared to a wood floor typically found in most RVs today. This means it’s less susceptible to leaks, inhibits mold, mildew, insect infestation, and water damage in the unlikely event of a leak.

Compared to a wood floor that is made up of multiple sections, the one-piece composite design means that it is less likely to squeak or make noise over time.

Environmentally Safe

The Flooring is designed to be 100% recyclable and passes many safety measures to the environment. The Composite flooring also does not emit any harmful gases, has no carcinogens, and meets fire rating and CA compliance.

Features and Benefits

  • Single-piece designed to fit the exact floor plan
  • Material is waterproof
  • Superior screw retention
  • Improves Longevity of flooring
  • Inhibits softening over time and will not degrade
  • Resists material separation
  • High insulative properties
  • Minimizes movement of furniture fastened to the floor

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