Airstream Classic: Smart Control Technology

Airstream Classic: Smart Control Technology

The Airstream Classic is one of the most luxurious Airstream Travel Trailers. Designed for longer trips or full-time living, the Classic Travel Trailer offers every comfort of home you want – plus plenty of amenities you didn’t even know you needed. With Smart Control Technology, you can control and monitor your Airstream Classic’s most important features all from your smartphone.


The Smart Control Technology available on the Airstream Classic lets you stay connected to your Travel Trailer, even when you’re far from it. The smartphone app is easy to set up and pair with your trailer. Once connected you will have the ability to control, monitor, and locate your Airstream.



With the Smart Control, you can turn on your interior and exterior lights from anywhere. If you’re far away from your trailer and unsure if you turned the lights off before you left, a simple tap of a button will give you peace of mind.

Shades & Vent Fans

The window shades and vent fans can also be controlled through the app, keeping your Airstream interior pleasant and comfortable for when you return.


If you see a storm coming or the wind starts to pick up when you’re not near your trailer, confidently close the awning with the app. When your ready to enjoy the outdoors again simply open the awing with the push of a button.


Keep your family and friends comfortable before and after your adventures with the ability to adjust the air conditioner or heat pump. Setting the perfect temperature has never been easier and can be done from anywhere. This is particularly useful to keep your pets safe if left alone in the trailer.



Not sure how much propane is left in your tanks? Don’t let running out ruin your trip, the app gives you an accurate reading of current LP Tank levels.

Tank Levels

The Smart Control gives you peace of mind knowing you can monitor your fresh water and holding tank levels from anywhere. This will let you know when it’s time to make a stop to empty and refill your tanks.

Tire Pressure

No more getting on the ground with a tire gauge or guessing if your tire pressure is correct. The Smart Control allows you to can keep an eye on your tire pressures and get alerts when you need to take action.

Battery Voltage

Nothing is worse than having your batteries go dead. With the Smart Control, you will be able to monitor your current battery life and know exactly how much power you have left.


If you ever worry about getting lost while on a hike or a bike ride, the GPS locator allows you to easily navigate back to your Airstream. The GPS locator also allows you to keep tabs on your Airstream when it’s not in use or in parked in storage.

If you have any questions about Smart Control Technology or would like more information about the Airstream Classic, give us a call at 1-800-265-9019. You can also view our Current Inventory to see all of our Airstream models.