Airstream Routine Maintenance Schedule

Airstream Routine Maintenance Schedule

If your Airstream is your pride and joy, some routine maintenance will be sure you get years of enjoyment as well as keep you and your family safe. Routine maintenance of your Airstream trailer is not nearly as difficult as most people think, this guide covers some of the most important things to check before your next adventure.

Every 1,000 miles or 60 days

Escape Window – Check operation of latches and upper hinge.

Battery – Check water level (lead acid only). As a battery ages and becomes less efficient, the water level should be checked more often and replenished only with distilled water. Checking water level does not apply to Glass Mat Batteries.

Smoke Alarm & CO Detector – Test and replace the batteries as required.

Tires – Check tire pressures (don’t forget about the spare tire).

Hitch – Check for loose bolts or any unusual wear. If you have a weight distribution hitch system inspect that as well.

Every 5,000 miles or 90 days

Main Door Latch – Lubricate with dry graphite and make sure it is functioning properly.

Exterior Door Locks – Lubricate with dry graphite.

Exterior Hinges – Lubricate with light household oil.

LPG Hold-Down – Lubricate threads with light household oil.

LPG Regulator – Check bottom vent for any obstructions.

Wheel Lug Nuts – Check lug nut torque. Aluminum Wheels are 110 ft. lbs and Steel Wheels are 100 ft. lbs.

Breakaway Switch – Pull out the pin and lubricate with household oil.

7-Way Plug – Spray with contact cleaner and make sure it is free of any debris.

Hitch Ball – Lubricate with hitch ball lube or wheel bearing grease.

Range Exhaust Hood – Clean fan blades and wash filter.

Main Door Step – Lubricate and inspect all moving parts.

Every 10,000 miles or 6 months

Brakes – Inspect or replace as necessary.

Nev-R-Lube – Visually inspect wheel bearings. Refer to Dexter’s recommendation www.dexteraxle.com

Tires – Inspect for any cracks or damage. Rotate tires when necessary.

Spare Tire Carrier – Lubricate moving parts.

Windows, and Door Seals – Clean with mild detergent and coat with Silicone Wax.

Escape Window – Lubricate latches with WD-40 or light household oil.

Annual Maintenance

Battery – Clean, neutralize, and coat terminals with petroleum jelly.

LPG Tanks (liquid propane gas) – Have purged by LPG supplier.

Seams – Check and reseal any exterior seams, windows, lights, and vents as needed.

Hitch Coupler and Ball – Ensure all parts operate freely. Replace any components that are worn or damaged.

Interior Cabinetry – Visual Inspection of latches Locks, Hinges, and Slides. Use Silicone Spray as needed.

If you have any questions or would like more information about routine maintenance, give us a call at 1-800-265-9019. You can also contact our Service Department for any repairs needed.