10 Amazin' and Space-Savin' RV Hacks - Colonial Airstream
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Great RV Hacks

Attention Travel Trailer and Motorhome owners:  You’ve got to check out these space-saving hacks. They will make travel easier, and help keep your belongings neatly stored, and free from shifting around.

Hide Your Wastebasket

Ensure your trash stays in one spot and save space in your kitchen or bathroom with this convenient item that hooks on the inside of cabinet doors.

Hang Your Toiletries

Use this handy piece to sort and store all your bathroom necessities. You can purchase an inexpensive one on Amazon, or repurpose a shoe organization system to make something similar.

Make DIY Cushion Slip Covers

Refurbish pillows, cushions, and more with this super easy, no-sew upholstery method.

Suspend Mattress & Seat Back Caddies

Make your bedroom feel more like home with this storage solution that takes the place of a dresser or nightstand. Or use it as a seat back holder for easy and convenient storage.

Install Under Table Drawers

Store silverware, plates, kitchenware, games, remotes, or whatever else you regularly reach for in this hidden compartment.

Swap Out Your Bed Frame

Replace your typical bed frame with storage pieces. This blogger used an Ikea entertainment center to create more space for storing items.

Use a Refrigerator Bar

These adjustable bars, which ensure items stay in place while traveling, can be used in cabinets as well.

Make Your Own PVC Toothbrush Holders

Use PVC pipes to inexpensively make these handy holders.

Simplify Remote Control Storage

Your remotes will never get lost again thanks to these small Velcro® add-ons.

Create More Counter Space

Lacking in prep space? Use a cutting board to cover up your stove top when it’s not in use — you’ll instantly have more working and serving space in your kitchenette.