QuietStream Ducted A/C System

QuietStream™ Ducted A/C System

What is the QuietStream™ ducted air conditioning system? Over the years Airstream has worked very hard to make the heating and air conditioning systems as quiet and efficient as possible. The QuietStream system distributes air efficiently throughout the travel trailer using a ducted system and reduces overall noise. The system comes standard on all 2020 and newer Caravel, Flying Cloud, International, Globetrotter, and Classic models.

How it works

Unlike a traditional A/C system that has one centrally located vent, the QuietStream places several vents throughout the ceiling of the trailer. This reduces the number of hot spots throughout the travel trailer where cooler air may not be getting and provides a more even temperature distribution.


The system includes supply and return vents located on the ceiling throughout the entire length of the travel trailer. Each one of the small and stylish QuietStream supply vents can be adjusted to change the direction the air is being pushed as well as how much air is being released. These vents feed into insulated foam core ducts in the ceiling of the trailer. The ductwork that makes up the QuietStream system is lightweight, non-toxic, humidity resistant, and even provides additional insulation to the roof of the trailer.

Each air condition unit has 2 return vents. As the supply vents feed the cooled air to the interior, the return vents pull the hot air out of the indoor space. Unlike a traditional A/C unit that has shrouds or low-hanging louvers, the QuietStream vents have a low profile design that provides increased interior height.

The entire system is controlled by an internal thermostat that gives owners the ability to easily control temperatures. If the travel trailer includes an optional 2nd air conditioning unit, you will have the ability to set different temperatures for each zone and keep everyone comfortable on your next adventure.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the QuietStream Ducted A/C System, give us a call at 1-800-265-9019. You can also view our Current Inventory to see all of our Airstream motorhomes.