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How To: Clean & Lube your Trailer Connections

It’s very easy to overthink the little things when you are about to depart for a trip. Sometimes you just want to hook up and go. But have you ever wondered what happens to all the components that rub together during travel? Like your 7-way plug and hitch ball? Below we cover how to properly clean and lubricate your components.

7-Way Plug

Let’s start with your 7-Way Plug. As you know these connectors are designed to supply power to the trailer’s taillights, turn signals, brake lights, and more. The last thing we want is for something to interfere with that connection. On your travels it is likely you will get dirt and debris in and around the connection, that is why it is important to clean this out and re-grease it often.

To start,  you can use electrical contact spray cleaner and a small brush to scrub each connector. Make sure to get all that grime out so when we re-grease it, none of the old material will mix with our new grease. Alternatively, if you do not have spray cleaner, compressed air can be used.

Don’t forget to clean the 7-Way connection on your tow vehicle as well, but be careful not to press too hard as you can damage the connector pins.

Now it’s time to apply grease to the connector, we suggest using Dielectric grease to prevent corrosion. Place a small amount of grease on your finger and apply a light coat to each terminal, be careful to not add too much as this can make a mess and interfere with the connection. Once you are hooked up make sure to do a quick walk around to make sure all your lights and signals are working properly.

Trailer Hitch

Now let’s talk about the trailer hitch and ball. We often advise our customers that they should grease the hitch ball before towing their Travel Travel. The reason being is that when you drop your heavy RV on the ball, it’s now metal on metal contact. The grease will help reduce wear and tear, create less friction, repel water, and prevent rust.

First, you will want to clean any old grease or dirt from the hitch ball as well as the hitch coupler on the trailer. There are many types of grease available on the market including those offered by each individual hitch manufacturer. To apply the grease, use a rag and spread a thin layer evenly around the ball.

If you have any questions about cleaning or lubricating the connections of your Airstream contact us below or give us a call at 800-265-9019.