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Colonial Airstream breaks ground at our new Dealership

Colonial Airstream has broken ground at our new dealership location in Millstone, NJ. We will not be moving to the new location for some time still, but we are very excited about our new dealership. Breaking ground at the new location was made possible by our customers, and how they’ve helped us achieved the status as the #1 Airstream dealership. Airstream travel trailer, the “silver bullet”, has recently announced their top dealer rankings. These rankings are based on the amount of retail units sold between May 2017 and May 2018, and they were announced at the annual dealer meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Colonial Airstream was named the #1, top overall, dealership for travel trailers, touring coaches, and Basecamp models. You may remember that Colonial Airstream has recieved this award before in the past; in fact, Colonial Airstream has received the top overall dealer award in 11 previous years!

Colonial Airstream Five Rivet Dealer

Colonial Airstream is very proud to be recognized as the top dealership for Airstreams in the country. We’ve especially proud that we’ve been given the Five Rivet Dealership distinction from Airstream as well. Five Rivet Dealerships awards are not just given out, we needed to win the award — we did that by meeting the high standards that Airstream holds for premium dealerships. The standard includes meeting standards for sales, service, and scoring exceptionally high on customer service surveys. Those customer service surveys has helped us grow to the point that we need a new dealership.

We’re proud to be recognized at the top overall dealership for Airstreams, not only in the United States, but the entire world. Our customers have been coming to us from all over the United States to purchase their Airstream travel trailers and touring coaches for over 12 years. They come from all over the country because they know that the Colonial Airstream name is synonymous with quality.

Airstream Basecamp Trailer For Sale“The Five Rivet status is a mark of excellence, and these dealers have earned it through consistent, exceptional customer service,” said Bob Wheeler, President and CEO of Airstream. “By achieving rave reviews from their customers, these dealers have demonstrated a commitment to a great customer experience. We’re proud to award them this exclusive distinction.”
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We’ve made our mark on the entire Airstream and travel trailer industry, with our sales team impressive track record and our transparency with our customers. Part of that transparency involves creating one of the most recognizable YouTube channels in the entire RV industry. One of our top salesmen, Patrick Botticelli, walks you through every Airstream model that we carry and shows you everything you need to know about owning an Airstream.

With any purchase of an Airstream, you are given an opportunity to receive one of the best service agreements in the country. All of our patrons enjoy 10% off from all purchases through our Parts department. If you need Airstream parts, we can have them sent to you as quickly as we can, or you can come in and order the part for yourself.

We will not be moving to our new location in Millstone, NJ until 2019 — until then you can continue expect to find us at our Lakewood, NJ location and continue to expect the best dealership experience in the whole world.