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Airstream Weight Distribution Hitch Systems

What is a weight distribution with sway control hitch system? A weight distribution hitch with sway control is designed to make towing your travel trailer safer and more stable. The weight distribution system is designed to move the weight from the trailer’s tongue to the front wheels of the tow vehicle. There are a variety of hitches on the market all with their own unique designs, take a look below to see the differences between Equalizer, Reese, and ProPride brand hitches.

Why do I need a Weight Distribution Hitch?

Have you ever seen a vehicle towing a trailer and noticed the back of the tow vehicle sagging? Without a weight distribution hitch, the trailer’s tongue weight can cause the tow vehicle to “teeter-totter” over the rear axle which lifts the weight off the front wheels. This can be dangerous as it may cause a loss of steering or braking, and can also make the trailer more likely to sway. The weight distributing system with sway control transfers the trailers tongue weight to all axles and helps keep the front of the tow vehicle planted firmly to the road.

Weight Distribution Systems

There are a few different weight distribution and sway control systems on the market, all with their own unique design. The most popular brands of hitch systems for the Airstream travel trailers include Equal-i-zer hitches, Reese hitches, ProPride hitches. Below are some of the differences between each brand.

The Equal-i-zer brand hitch provides both weight distribution and sway control to create a more level ride for both tow vehicle and trailer. This is one of the most popular weight distribution systems we carry here at Colonial Airstream. The system works by spring bars that apply leverage, which transfers the load that is pushing down on the rear of your vehicle to all the axles on both your tow vehicle and your trailer. This results in an even distribution of weight throughout. The integrated 4-Point Sway Control also resists more sway than any other hitch, this makes driving in crosswinds or bad weather less stressful.

The Propride hitch system has a slightly different design compared to the Equal-i-zer hitch. The main difference is where the hitch connects to the tow vehicle. The Propride’s patented yoke is designed to eliminate trailer movement on the ball by holding the hitch head square to the front of the trailer. This moves the pivot point near the rear axle of the tow vehicle and provides stability. The weight distribution feature is handled by two heavy duty weight distribution jacks. These jacks allow you to have complete control over how much weight is distributed to the tow vehicle axles.

Reese’s dual-cam sway-control system uses unique sliding devices called “cams” to suspend the spring bars of the weight-distribution system. During regular straight-line towing the cams lock in place and hold the trailer steady by applying constant, consistent pressure to both sides. This keeps the trailer from swaying in crosswinds. When you make a turn the cams unlock and slide to allow the trailer to maneuver freely.


When purchasing an Airstream from Colonial, we will handle the entire hitch installation process from start to finish. Our Certified Airstream Technicians have years of experience and take pride in their work, making sure the job is done right the first time. We specialize in the installation of Equal-i-zer, Reese and Propride brand hitches. If you have questions or would like to have a hitch system installed on your Airstream travel trailer, please contact our Service Department.


Chris DeFelice

Chris DeFelice a.k.a “The Hitch Whisperer” is one of our certified technicians who specializes in the installation of Equalizer, Reese and Hensley Hitches. Chris has years of experience and will install your hitch from start to finish. After installing your hitch you will be guided through setting up, connecting your trailer, and any other questions you may have about your new hitch. You will leave Colonial Airstream feeling confident knowing that the job was done right.

The addition of a Weight Distribution Hitch System is a great investment to improve the towing of your Airstream. If you would like more info about the Weight Distribution Hitches or have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-265-9019