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The Inflatable RV Skirts

The All-Weather Solution

RV skirts protect the undercarriage of your RV from freezing pipes, heat or cold loss, and damage from the elements. AirSkirts uses air as an insulator, resulting in an increase in heat or cold retention up to 75% greater than traditional skirts. And, AirSkirts works year-round saving you money in warm weather as well!


Super-Fast Setup

No permanent installation or RV modification required – shave your installation time from hours and hours to under 30 minutes – or, get rid of those messy sheets of Styrofoam. Ready to go? Just deflate and pack into our durable carry bag.


Works For Any RV, Trailer, or Tiny House

Configure AirSkirts from one of our sets or pick your own pieces and lay them out around your needs. No need for custom made skirts or labor-intensive, home-grown solutions.

Extremely Durable

Heavy-duty PVC and military-grade valves will insulate and protect your RV for years and years. Our seams are reinforced, welded, and resistant to tears and extreme weather.

What Makes AirSkirts the Best

  • Military-grade construction

  • Designed and engineered in the USA by a full-time RVer

  • Exclusive, patent-pending inflatable design

  • Superior insulation from cold and heat with a 22″-34″ air cushion

  • Innovative tire-wedge for complete seal

  • Use year-round for energy efficiency

  • Easy carry bag – just roll up and go

  • Modular design – position tubes however you want, and order a la carte

  • Shape conforming system to accommodate for drains, valves, etc.

  • No modification or installation needed on your RV

  • Deploy in under 30 minutes – use AirSkirts even for brief stays

  • AirSkirts stays in place even with snow, wind, and rain

  • Keeps out unwanted friends and debris like skunks, raccoons, leaves, snow, and goblins

  • Beautiful design makes you (and your RV) look really cool




We’re here to help! Call or email us with any questions about your RV skirting needs.

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