Traveling with Your Pets

Traveling with pets in your Airstream

Whether they’re friends, family or your pets, having a companion on your adventures can make all the difference. Bringing your pet along can be rewarding to watch them experience new places, sights, and smells. If you are considering traveling with your pet we have a few tips to help take the leap.

Before your trip

Before going on your next adventure it is important to know if your pet is suited for the mobile lifestyle. Most pets love short car rides, but some pets can get motion sickness or be stressed being in a small space for longer periods of time. Gradually taking longer and longer car rides with your pet will give them a chance to acclimate to longer trips.

Bring Supplies

When packing for your next trip, make sure to bring all the supplies you’ll need for your pet. Bring plenty of food and water needed for the duration of the trip as well as your pets favorite toys. A pet first aid-kit is also a great idea to have, along with any medical records. If you have a cat, it could be a good idea to bring a scratching post to avoid any damage to the interior of your Airstream.


While on the road it is important that your pet gets plenty of exercise. Stick to a routine and try to make regular stops every few hours. Plan ahead to find pet-friendly stops along your route where you can let your cat or dog stretch and take care of business.

Pet Policies

Part of being a responsible pet owner is knowing the pet policies of where you will be staying. Does the campground allow pets? while most campgrounds are pet-friendly, some don’t allow pets. Many National Parks allow dogs in the park and campgrounds but are not allowed on the trails. It is also important to clean up after your pet and follow any leash laws.

We hope these simple tips can help make your next adventure with your furry friend a more enjoyable and memorable experience. If you have any questions please contact us below.